Nanyuki Spinners and Weavers

Nanyuki Spinners and Weavers (NSW) is a self-help project started in 1977 by the Presbyerian Church of East Africa with the aim to train poor, widowed, and single women living in the villages surrounding Nanyuki town in the craft of Spinning, Weaving and Knitting as a way of making them self reliant. Nanyuki town was targeted because it is one of the major wool producing areas in Kenya its weather being favourable for sheep rearing and raising. It was agreed from the beginning of the project that half of the proceeds acquired would go directly to the women under the project and the other half would be retained at the center.


NSW see themselves becoming a leader in the production of high quality and unique handmade woolen products for local and international markets, as a means of providing sustainable income generating opportunities to the local community. Products made at NSW include hand-woven rugs of different sizes, doormats and bedsides mats of varying textures and designs, artistic wall hangings, scarves, shawls, and blankets.


Along with the Spinning and Weaving Center, NSW also hosts a boarding school for both the children of the crafters and children from the local area. In 2018 a new kitchen as established for the school and church. To date, Nanyuki Spinners and Weavers has been able to train over 282 women in the craft of Spinning, Knitting, Dyeing and Weaving with some venturing into private projects and earning their living and that of their family. Most women have been able to move from being squatters in the villages they lived to acquiring their own pieces of land and building their homes. Most of the women have been able to educate their children through Primary schools to High schools and some have taken their children even to University level from their share of proceeds.


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