Lion Boy

With the sound of the lions, searching for the big five
It’s clear to us all, you’re the best guide alive!
Showing us elephants, cheetahs and dik dik’s
Chris, it’s so clear, you are so damn WICKED!
Saying thank you to you, doesn’t seem like enough
Especially how you keep track of our stuff
There is only one real problem that I can foresee
Traveling commercial will be a real problem for me
We all loved the Village, had the time of our lives
Only now, David keeps talking about adding some wives
You keep us all guessing, we all never know
When all of a sudden, we’re walking with Rhino
Thrilling us constantly from hour to hour
Can’t wait to tell a NY taxi driver, SOWA SOWA!
We will miss hearing, ”Dusty Dusty, Bumpy Bumpy!”
And as I read you these words, my throat’s Lumpy Lumpy
There are so many others out there who do what you do
But Chris Morrison, I can say this with confidence
There’s no one like you
The next line I say with jest, as I kid
Lose our luggage and then, you’re Pepe from Madrid
It’s not gone unnoticed, how you help those in need
We applaud with admiration, all of your deeds
Your spirit is young, infectious and free
A pure pleasure to be with, we’d all agree
So we thank you so much for bringing such joy
For in you we have found, our own Lion Boy.


Dale Canner
October 2018